Spike Captures 2016 LCHRL Series by ARL Championship


Spike officially captured the 2016 LCHRL Series by ARL championship, his third overall ARL championship and first in the LCHRL Series. Spike captured 3 wins and 2 poles driving the #43 TMS Wolfpack legend car. Spike ended the season with a 30 point lead over BlackKnight following a season-ending penalty on championship points leader Speedyman11 at the final race of the year in California. 2016 was Spike's tenth season in the series. TMS Wolfpack; consisting of puttzracer, Speedyman11 and Spike; captured the 2016 Team Championship.

Drivers ran a total of 10 races across 4 months during the 2016 season. 2016 saw 4 different winners with 12 drivers participating.

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