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LCHRL Series
LCHRL Series
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To Be Announced
Track TBA
Date TBA
Time TBA
Length TBA
Style TBA
Setups TBA
1 Spike Winner
2 puttzracer -0.222
3 Breeze -1.053
Official Final
1 Spike
TMS Wolfpack
2 BlackKnight
NH Autosport: Team Black
3 Grumpy
NH Autosport: Team Black
4 KartRacer63
NH Autosport: Team Black
5 Breeze
Team Speed Brigade
HeatFinder 14 Years of the LCHRL Series
14 years ago today the LCHRL, or Legend Car Heat Racing League, ran it's first official event!
HeatFinder Spike Captures 2016 LCHRL Series by ARL Championship
Field takes checkered flag at LCHRL California season finale (DusterLag / HeatFinder) Spike Captures LCHRL California Victory, Speedyman11 Captures 7th ARL Championship
Speedyman11 leads the field into turn 1 at Ace on Monday night. (Credit: DusterLag / HeatFinder) Speedyman11 Dominates LCHRL Ace Feature, Virtually Locks Up Championship