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Patch Cup Series
Patch Cup Series
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Bristol "Take Two" 101
Track Bristol ME
Date Saturday, August 26th
Time 9:30pm EDT
Length 190 Laps / 101 Miles
Style 0.533 Paved Short Track
Setups Open
Riverside California 90
1 Speedyman11 Winner
2 Breeze -40.442
3 DusterLag -57.429
As of: Riverside California 90
1 ltfireman1604
TMS Wolfpack II Chevrolet
2 Speedyman11
TMS Wolfpack Chevrolet
3 BlackKnight
NH Autosport: Team Black Chevrolet
4 KartRacer63
NH Autosport: Team Black Chevrolet
5 Grumpy
NH Autosport: Team Black Chevrolet
Speedy races over the jump at Riverside Speedway on Saturday night's final lap. (Credit: DusterLag / HeatFinder) Speedyman11 Survives Riverside, Wins Riverside California 90
Speedyman11 dominated Saturday night's ARL Patch Cup Series Riverside California 90 event Saturday night, winning the event by 40 seconds over second place.
Speedyman11 slides out of the final turn before taking the checkered flag. (Credit: DusterLag / HeatFinder) Speedyman11 Sweeps Up At The Glen, Dominates Seneca Lake 90 at The Glen
Fresh off his T-Bone National Series victory and hour prior, Speedyman11 dominated the Patch Cup Series event at Watkins Glen.
Speedyman11 races around Rockingham Motor Speedway in England. (Credit: DusterLag / HeatFinder) Rockingham UK Tour 120 Captured By Speedyman11
The ARL Patch Cup Series took a trip overseas to Corby, England Saturday night for the Rockingham UK Tour 120.
Donaldson on track during the 2017 Patch Cup Series Brickyard 150. (Credit: DusterLag / HeatFinder) Donaldson Wins 2017 Brickyard 150, Sweeps Weekend
Donaldson swept the weekends events at Indianapolis Motor Speedway, fresh off his T-Bone National Series win Don captured the Patch Cup Series Brickyard 150 victory Saturday night.