League Info
    ARL Racing utilizes the NASCAR Heat (Heat Core) Game Engine. Download Heat Core

Series Day / Time Length Realism / Wear Setups Mod
Patch Cup Saturdays / 9:30pm ET ~90 Min Hardcore / 2x-4x Open COTPlatinumG3 mod, 2017 Monster Energy Cup add-on
T-Bone National Saturdays / 8:00pm ET ~60 Min Normal / 3x-5x Fixed COTPlatinumG3 mod, 2015 Xfinity add-on
    Download the current version of our League Rulebook using the links below in Microsoft Word or Adobe PDF formats.
    Current version: 2017 Revision K
    Last revision: October 1, 2017

ARL Rulebook *.docx ARL Rulebook *.pdf