About ARL Racing
ARL Racing is a NASCAR Heat based multi-series online sim racing league running various style mods and tracks. We welcome racers of all skill levels and racing backgrounds. We run full year hardcore and arcade style competitive events in Hardcore mode with open setups and in Normal mode with no need for setups. Our unique series feature events on stock car ovals, road courses and dirt tracks. ARL Racing was founded by DusterLag, ucrdoh and Grumpy in 2012 as the Arcade Racing League. ARL's LCHRL Series was founded by Viagra6Car and Elliot9Matt in 2003 as the Legend Car Online Racing League. OWAction was founded by DusterLag and cartleague in 2005 as the Open Wheel Action Racing League, it’s series (IndyCar, IndyLights and Grand Prix) are now operated by ARL Racing. NHMA was founded by KartRacer63 in 2015 as the NASCAR Heat Modified Association, it's series (Modifieds) is now operated by ARL Racing.

Today ARL Racing, as a division of HeatFinder, is fully funded through pledges and donations by our community members via Patreon and PayPal while subsided when needed by our administration staff.
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